b'Series SeatingStewardship Sensitive SeatingTwelve Benefits OverConventional PewsThere are twelve distinct benefits to the SERIES Vera chair over conventional pews.1. Provides between 20% to 30% gain in seating capacity over the use of pews.2. Provides greater traffic flow.3. Presents a lower overall cost per person.4. Allows a radial layout configuration.5. Provides better sightlines for each individual. 6. Provides reduced maintenance /lower cost of ownership.7. Reduces other code requirements imposed by pews.8. Makes it easier and less expensive to reupholster.9. Is more conducive to growth and expansion.10. Is more conducive to special events.11. Provides more comfort in both a seated and standing position.12. Directly enables churches to serve the community in new and creative As you can see in the image above, using the same spacing for pews and fixed seating, the ingress and egress is much greater and easier to maneuver with fixed seating.ways.16'