b'Church Interiors, Inc.Integrity Furniture is pleased to partner with Church Interiors, Inc. to help churches remodel their facilities.Church Interiors, Inc. has renovated small chapels that seat less than 100 people to large sanctuaries & cathedrals that seat over 5,000, including many churches on the Historical Registry.Design, renovate, and furnish is how they simplify the process for their clients and they perform services to hundreds of churches every year, saving every church client time and money.Church Interiors, Inc. has a Nationwide Dealer Network of project consultants and installers who are eager to make improvements to your church.Their goal is to make your worship spaces beautiful at the lowest possible cost with little or no disruption to your church services. In the early stages, they work with your congregation committee to create a design that works best for your needs.There is no charge for their initial consultations.Church Interiors, Inc. began working with churches on renovations and building projects in 1981 and they have completed thousands of renovations. Integrity Furniture is ready to help you make the connection with Church Interiors, Inc. and began your remodeling process.Give us a call at 1-888-600-8639 to get started.24'