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Outdoor Furniture at Integrity Furniture

An attractive outdoor space surrounding your facility will create a positive first impression for visitors and provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.  Durable and dependable materials will stand up to years of extreme weather with little maintenance. From picnic tables to benches, and from planters to trash cans, Integrity Furniture can supply you with the quality furniture your outdoor space needs. 


  • Tropitone South Beach Sling
    Tropitone South Beach Sling
  • Outdoor Bench
    Wabash Estate Bench
  • Tropitone Veer Sling
    Tropitone Veer Sling
  • Tropitone Cabana Club Sling
    Tropitone Cabana Club Sling
  • Patio Furniture at Baseball Stadium
    Leisure Craft Patio Furniture
  • Park Bench
    Leisure Craft Diamond Bench
  • Patio Tables and Chairs
    Wabash Carlisle Tables and Chairs
  • White Park Bench and Trash Recpticle
    Leisure Craft Customized Park Bench
  • Pedestal Table and Chairs
    Leisure Craft Customized Pedestal Table and Chairs
  • Tropitone Cabana Club Moduar
    Tropitone Cabana Club Moduar
  • Park Bench
    Leisure Craft Recycled Materials Bench
  • Ballpark Patio Tables and Chairs
    Leisure Craft Personalized Patio Furniture
  • Tropitone Millenia Sling
    Tropitone Millenia Sling
  • Park Bench
    Leisure Craft Northgate Bench
  • Patio Tables and Chairs
    Wabash Hanna Tables and Charis
  • Picnic Table
    Leisure Craft Oglethorpe
  • Tropitone Kor Sling
    Tropitone Kor Sling
  • Picnic Table
    Wabash Spyder